Hello and welcome…


Welcome to Kev’s (IELTS) English podcast!…

This is where you will hear samples, examples, and hints and tips, all about improving your IELTS speaking score…and maybe other general things of interest about English, but mostly IELTS..

So, what you find here are podcasts that tell all about my system, and the strategies you need for a high speaking score…I know what you need for a 7.0+ and I will tell, and show, you how to get it!

Also, listening to my pods will give you exposure to real native English, as well as telling how to get the score you need…so why wait?

Head to the episodes page and start listening!….


What about writing you say?..well, I have a blog https://prepareielts.com/ and a YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTblrPMw6rjdBEHeVrcrn1w that is all about writing, but this is only for speaking…(I may also make some pods about the TOEFL, CAE, and other exams later).